Paul Vanouse – Difference, Sameness and DNA

with a preface by Jens Hauser.

This forthcoming book chronicles over two decades of critical, artistic investigations by Paul Vanouse. His bio-media artwork utilizes the tools of the life sciences reflexively, to challenge tropes and cultural politics surrounding DNA, biotechnology, and life itself. Vanouse’s work explores questions such as how does DNA link us together, how does it differentiate us and how are the grand metaphors, which grant DNA complete centrality, misconstruing the complexity of life. Furthermore, how do technologies of genetic typing and identification fit within a broader cultural and political history of difference making, particularly the construction of race. Melding critical theory, artist’s manifesto, participatory observation and histories of the sciences, this book offers insight into both an artistic practice and the bio-techno-sciences it interrogates.

Paul Vanouse – Fingerprints...

published by Jens Hauser and Heike-Catherina Mertens, Schering Stiftung. Argobooks, Germany, 2011.  Fingerprints…

with texts by Simon A. Cole, Jens Hauser, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and Paul Vanouse

Fingerprints… is the first volume of the Ernst Schering Foundation’s Publication Series dedicated to selected projects at the interface of art and science. The biomedia installations of Paul Vanouse challenge the codes and images of contemporary molecular biology. In four theoretical essays, criminologist Simon A. Cole, science historian Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, curator Jens Hauser and the artist himself reflect upon the criticism of genomics inherent in the installations of “Fingerprints…” from an aesthetic, political and techno-philosophical angle.

Paul Vanouse full bio (PDF).

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